[EXPOSITION] Visite de “Young European Architects” à Venise à l’occasion des “Pavillon days”

24 September 2021
A l'occasion des "Pavillon Days" qui se tiendront les 23 et 24 septembre à Venise, Architecturestudio et la CA'ASI organisent un cocktail autour de "Young European Architects". Événement collatéral de la 17e édition de la Biennale de Venise, l'exposition YEA! met en avant la créativité des nouvelles réalisations européennes de jeunes architectes. Une visite de l'exposition, suivie d'un cocktail, aura lieu ce vendredi 24 septembre à partir de 18h30.

02/03/2021, [PROJECT] Film of the University Hospital Center in Tangier

Tangier, Morocco

02/03/2021, [EVENEMENT] YEA 2021 !


mercredi d’AS Shanghai
“Interval Architects”

22 July 2020 17:00
Interval Architects is a Shanghai-based architecture design practice co-founded by Oscar KO and GU Yunduan. The practice critically examines issues relating to urbanism, architecture and the environment. We believe that architecture should possess qualities that reflect specificities of its context and become a spatial pro¬duction that belongs to a certain place and time. The practice has completed seve¬ral representative projects including Tower of Bricks, Raffles Kindergarten Complex and 1/2 Stadium.

Let us Invent the Metropolis: the ZAC Léon Blum

Mercredi d’AS
[Franklin Azzi]

19 September 2018 18:30

Demography in Africa: “Cities must be rethought and restructured”.

15/05/2018, YOUNG ARCHITECTS IN LATIN AMERICA – Venice, 2018

1 minute 19 secondes

14/12/2017, The City 2.0 by architect Roueïda Ayache

Park Avenue | Architecturestudio

04/10/2017, The Montparnasse Tower

1 minute 20 secondes

ABM1 3D model animation

24/01/2017, Nouvelle Ligne | Architecturestudio

16/07/2016, Tertiary/ Palazzo Meridia culminates in Nice

11/01/2016, Ideas and testimonials for Reinventing Paris through the circular economy

05/01/2016, Bahrain National Theater

3 minutes 2 secondes

16/12/2015, 3 great projects 3 great architects

22/10/2015, AFP: Créteil inaugurates the first French Cathedral of the 21st Century

21/10/2015, In Paris, discover this multicolored school with glass facades.

Africa 24: Africa, the continent’s artists honored in Venice

22/09/2015, The first cathedral of the 21st Century made of laminated wood

25/11/2014, Conversations about the future – Rodo Tisnado’s Invitation

Architecturestudio // Mariano Efron : the Caisse d’Epargne Banque

15/01/2014, Novancia – Mariano Efron

30/08/2012, Témoignage de Rodo Tisnado – ville de Nancy

27/06/2008, Architecture-Studio : Projet HQE