In the heart of the Saclay Plateau, between agricultural land and cutting-edge research centers, Danone Research Center reflects the image of an innovative company conveyed by an undulating architectural concept based on the site's environmental constraints.

Danone Research Center was designed and built in less than two years, on the Saclay Plateau in the Palaiseau suburb of Paris, opposite the Polytechnic Institute. Located in the center of a future area dedicated to academic excellence, R&D and state-of-the-art industries, this pioneering project is part of a modern-day environment dominated by natural green spaces, participating in the development of an ecologically sustainable urban system in the area.

The building is designed to accommodate three floors of research and development facilities, laboratories and offices of Danone Group's Research, Development and Quality Assurance departments. The project seeks to reflect the brand image by proclaiming a strong identity through its iconic and contemporary architecture, open to the environment. The general layout provides for informal meeting places that facilitate exchanges and sharing. The future development of interior spaces is ensured by a modular and flexible structure that can absorb future expansions of the company, as they become necessary. The expansion of the building's centers along three directions is one of the fundamental concepts of the project and contributes in defining its terminology.

The Saclay Plateau is dotted with cultivated fields and wooded patches and the intimate link between architecture and nature has been the guideline of the project's design and urban integration. The site's natural environment insinuates itself into the structure itself through two landscaped insets, like a vibration of life inside the buildings. The seasonal changes of nature change the contours of the building and confer it natural protection. The undulation of the roof that generates laminar flows and the choice of façade curves provide a solution to the acoustic treatment of the interior spaces. The front plaza is dominated by Eduardo Chillida’s monumental steel sculpture “Lotura XXIII”, a reflection of the bold architecture of the complex, which has become the hallmark of the Group and its values.

Client :

Danone Vitapole (Groupe Danone)

Equipe :

Architecturestudio (mandataire), Choulet, Martin, Babinot Acoustique Vivie & Associés, Cyprium

Programme :

Bureaux, Industrie, Laboratoires

Surface :

30 000 m²

Coût :

35 000 000 €

Statut :

Livré en 2002

Label :

Prix environnement 2007 des entreprises de l'Essonne Catégorie intégration paysagère