Built at the foot of the mountains, the project of “Falling Water” Designed Villa features
three types of residential units built into
the slope, outlining a high-end real estate
complex immersed into the breathtaking
landscape it dominates.

The project is located next to Kuishan Park at Deyang, Sichuan, a province in the Southwest China, at a magnificent location, at high altitude and surrounded by mountains.
The project consists in the development of a large number of housing units and the construction of a vibrant neighbourhood within a programmatic dialogue with the landscape. It purposefully takes advantage of the natural features of the mountain to establish a high-quality real estate complex.

The project includes three types of housing: cottages, superposed villas and stand-alone villas. The three types of villas form a coherent overall picture, while preserving individual features and meeting the planning needs and comfort goals. Each of these building types absorbs the topography of the terrain and prioritises the views from each unit. While preserving the local elements of the Zhongjiang region, the housing complex blends modern, international and simple architectural styles into a strong symbolic and conceptual design. The buildings are oriented according to the layout of the surrounding mountains. By combining architecture, environmental quality and comfort, the “Falling Water” Designed Villa complex is seeking to become an emblematic local feature and a high-end unique international residential property.

Client :

Deyang Xuyang Real Estate Development Co.Ltd

Equipe :


Programme :


Surface :

24 000 m²

Statut :

En cours