The raised structure of Cannes Festival and Conference Hall offers an architectural vantage point overlooking the spectacular Bay of Cannes and is configurable to serve as a concert, exhibition or conference hall. The project includes the construction of two panoramic terraces accessible to the public and effectively contributes to the environmental amenities of the city.

The Cannes Festival and Conference Hall hosts the most famous film event in the world and its expansion offers an opportunity to refresh its image within a new perspective. Overlooking the magnificent Bay of Cannes and its thrust to the Mediterranean, the project seeks to reinforce the ties between the Palais, the sea and the city.

The building’s extension involves the creation of a concert, cinema and exhibition hall directly in line with the current functions of the Palais. It consists of two 60-meter long platforms laid on the roof of the Palais. Designed as a fully versatile “magic box”, widely open to the horizon, it offers maximum functionality in all the possible configurations. During the Cannes Film Festival, the building is converted into an additional screening room; during trade fairs, it is outfitted to serve as an exhibition hall with generous views to the port; on Gala evenings, it turns into a showroom that can accommodate 1500 people.
On the city side, the building maintains a subtle integration into its urban surroundings, in harmony with the building it overlooks. Its seafront façade reveals a monumental prow and proclaims the image of the Palais to the entire port. The original building plan, symmetrical on either side of the inner street axis, causes the layout of the roof extension to become a perfect square whose diagonal follows the lower axis of symmetry. Furthermore, the additional elevation enhances the existing building by series of horizontal slats that frame the landscape and convey a timeless image to this emblematic venue. Along the periphery, a “mobile façade” converts in a few minutes a closed configuration into a room open at 180° to the Bay panorama. The project included the construction of two terraces accessible to the public, serving as a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the city. The entire structure as well as the terraces and façades, from floor to ceiling, has been treated as a continuous surface of white concrete panels.

Client :

Ville de Cannes

Equipe :

architecturestudio (mandataire), Acoustique Vivie & Associes, Ava, Bati-Scene, Berim, Cegetec, Mba Ingenierie Marc Bianchi, Agi2d, Vulcaneo, Snadec Environnement

Programme :

Salle d’exposition, Salle de concerts

Statut :