The Jinqiao Technology Park is a combination of office and natural landscape. The office building in the park is made as a natural barrier for the garden. Like the walls of traditional Chinese gardens, the office buildings in the fringe area are surrounded by private natural scenery.

The concept of Technology Park includes office area and surrounding living and garden area. The traditional garden is considered a place of relaxation and meditation. It represents a natural and ideal space. The two essential elements, water (the pond) and the mountain (the rockery), illustrate the perfect balance between Yin and Yang.

Like the surrounding wall of the Chinese garden, Architecturestudio wishes to use the office buildings as a protective screen for the garden. Through the gap shown on the plan, the interior garden can be seen partially, which creates a communication perspective.

The concept of the dimension and that of the landscape are highlights in this project. These buildings, whose maximum height is 100 meters, are not individual buildings, but essential elements of the garden. They look like the frame of a painting. With the hollow part where the entrance is, the growing building takes the form of a giant vault.

Client :

Jinqiao Group

Equipe :


Programme :

Technology Park

Surface :

14.68 hectares, including 464 700 m² built-up area

Statut :

Delivered in 2020