The Jinqiao Office Complex extends the guiding principles of the surrounding
landscape with an ecological architectural
design. The building's U-shape, descending
gradually to the banks of the Majiabang River,
is home to an exceptional work space.

The Jinqiao Office project is located at the interface between the banks of the Majiabang River and an expressway in Jinqiao Development District in Shanghai.

The building, which is designed to accommodate an office complex, catering areas and fitness rooms, fits in shrewdly with its environment. The arched shape of the edifice orients the spaces and outlines an entrance square, around which the office spaces are organised. The location is a logical response to the contextual constraints. To the East, the height of the building is moderate and the silhouette seems to plunge into the ground. The low height means it is possible to extend the banks of the river and give the rest of the building a breath-taking view of the landscape. To the West, on the other hand, it stands as a barrier against the noise of the road and protects the tranquillity of the central area. The green roof protects the structure from heat and extends the landscape of the banks of the Majiabang River. This arched roof enlivens the urban landscape and becomes a symbol of ecological architecture. The North and South façades are equipped with horizontal and vertical sunshades and help to create a dynamic and slender silhouette.

Client :

Jinqiao Group

Equipe :

Architecturestudio (mandataire), OTH Bâtiment

Programme :


Surface :

26 955 m²

Coût :

26 970 700 €

Statut :

Livré en 2010