In Dubai's new Meydan City district, the M1-062 Tower soars in a conquest of the skyline through lavish, superimposed apartments, enhanced by an architecture with curved forms designed to echo the organic wonders of nature.


Reaching out into the sky of Meydan City, a new upscale suburb of Dubai, the M1-062 Flower-Tower reflects the vision of a city resolutely turned towards the future and epitomizing the architectural values of a district under unprecedented development, in need to an ever-growing demand for housing.

The project offers an outstanding housing solution to the district's future inhabitants, including a vibrant commercial space open to the city on the ground floors, apartments, a fitness center featuring an outdoor swimming pool and a solarium on the rooftop. 


The tower is part of a city already known for its sky-defying architectural icons. It consists of two independent structures, linked together by a series of panoramic elevators. Each of the two structures accommodates one apartment per level, opening up generous living spaces. Conceived as an ode to nature, the project unfolds vertically through a succession of organic curves, sheltering villa-sized apartments that blossom in unique configurations. Each of the rooms enjoys natural light, while bathrooms are transformed in into genuine living and relaxation spaces. The internal layout is fluid and modular, adapted to the subtropical and arid climate of the region. Within this perspective, the façades are designed to be highly adaptable to promote high environmental quality. This flexibility is achieved by means of full-height glass doors opening to an ideal balcony depth or closed to shelter a temperate internal climate. The top levels accommodate duplexes featuring garden terraces with swimming pools covered by adjustable domes. Over the entire height of the building, horizontal sun-breakers underline the voluptuous curves of the towers and provide protection against the city's scorching sun. Greeted as a new icon of Dubai, the M1-062 Flower-Tower is pursuing its skyward conquest of the city through a unique and energy-efficient architectural solution.

Client :

DCC Dubaï Contracting Company LLC

Equipe :


Programme :


Surface :

40 000 m²

Statut :