[Projects] Architecturestudio, 50 years of managing complex projects

Architecturestudio, 50 years of managing complex projects.
From the European Parliament in Strasbourg to the future paediatric hospital in Geneva, architecturestudio is consolidating its role as a leader in the management of complex projects, particularly hospital projects.

With the Tracé Bleu project, Architecturestudio is extending its raison d’être to include collective design for the next 50 years, with a view to reorienting the management of inhabited environments in the light of the new climate regime.

Three recent major hospital projects are being managed by Architecturestudio as part of multidisciplinary teams of architects, engineers and international specialists. As in the case of the European Parliament and the Maison de la Radio, their studies are carried out on a shared site at Architecturestudio in Paris, followed by on-site installation of the site management team.

– Tangiers University Hospital, in partnership with Agence Hajji & Elouali: 81,000 m2 with tight deadlines: 10 months of studies (8,1000m2 studied per month). Hospital in an arid environment. A stable budget, an efficient construction site. The CHU has now been delivered and is up and running.

– Guadeloupe University Hospital, with the Babel and Alain Nicolas architectural agencies and a dozen design offices and specialists: 85,000 m2. Resilient, crisis-management reference university hospital, fully BIM-compliant and with direct control of a successful call for tenders. Cyclonic and seismic zone. The project is entering its final year.

– Geneva Paediatric University Hospital (HUG for children) in partnership with Tekhne SA and B+S: 52,000 m2 on an existing campus. An original and specific phase in partnership with the contracting authority and the medical teams to fine-tune the programme/project fit and organise all those involved in the studies. Timber structure. The project is currently under study.