[News] Architecturestudio presents Tracé bleu, an exhibition of art and architecture designed to make the world a different place, at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS from 27.01 to 10.03.2024

Architecturestudio has been a leading international architecture and urban planning agency since it was founded in 1973, and its work focuses on the challenges facing architectural creation in the face of major environmental, economic and social challenges. Entitled Tracé Bleu (Blue Line), their method calls for taking care of ecosystems, recomposing wasteland, investing in the commons, governing with the living, and building with sobriety in mind.

To extend and stimulate the thinking and action of Tracé Bleu, Architecturestudio and CENTQUATRE-PARIS have designed an exhibition to be presented at Ca’asi during the Venice Biennale 2023 and recreated at CENTQUATRE before an international tour. Based on concrete projects and artistic experiments, the exhibition brings together fragments and documentation of urban and architectural projects carried out or imagined by the agency around the world, showing the possible uses of available resources.

What can we do in this place, unless we are thinking about it? Paraphrasing Jean de La Fontaine, the exhibition invites us to take a step back and consider what surrounds us not simply as resources, but as an immense creative reservoir. What are these resources? Who invents them? How can they be set in motion? With what governance? In what economy?

In an attempt to answer these questions, the exhibition at CENTQUATRE is organised around three main themes: re.sourcing, re.generating, re.acting.

The imaginations of several artists are combined with the approach of the architects: Krijn de Koning is developing a work of architecture that welcomes visitors; the video works of Jonathas de Andrade, Joanie Lemercier and Adriàn Sosa show a conscientious and respectful use of nature as much as the brutality and cruelty of the machine run by humans; illustrator Serge Bloch transposes the thinking of Tracé Bleu with his characteristic humour and offbeat spirit. Lastly, Studio Double has designed a story generator based on texts written by Valérie Mréjen to imagine an ideal habitat.

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