[Press] ARQ Magazine Clarín on “The Alley” in Buenos Aires

ARQ Magazine from Clarín is interested in the new project delivered in the heart of Buenos Aires… The Alley. 🏢

From a linear plot to an inhabited promenade 🌿

In collaboration with ZAS LAVARELLO arqs for Jack Green BA, this residential project is built around a planted promenade connecting two dynamic arteries of the city. It proposes an innovative model of cohabitation, promoting the permeability of urban fabric and fostering new social interactions, linking spaces through pedestrian-friendly design beneficial to both city dwellers and residents. This creation offers permeability of movements and uses in a previously unexploited interstitial space, along a new urban promenade.

With a variety of amenities, the project aims to enhance a high-quality living environment, addressing the growing need for housing through eco-friendly and innovative architecture. By contributing to the city’s progressive transformation, this project serves as a prototype for diverse cohabitation and a new architectural icon in a rapidly evolving city.

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