[News] as,explore What visions of territories to guarantee habitability for all ?

The depletion of resources is the result of continuous anthropic pressure on a planet that by nature seeks balance. There are many manifestations of this: degradation of air quality, the water cycle, depletion of biodiversity, soils and subsoils.
Can we change our relationship with natural resources by taking into consideration the impact on all living things? Are we capable of contributing to the necessary regeneration of biodiversity? Is it not simply a question of going back to basics?
Access to resources creates new inequalities and provokes environmental and climatic migrations. How can we link the chains of actors and value chains that respond to ecological issues? At what scales? Are there unsuspected deposits of new resources available before our eyes?

These are the questions that will be debated:

François Gemenne – researcher, member of the IPCC and specialist in the geopolitics of the environment
Gregory Quenet – environmental historian, university professor

Moderated by :

Alain Bretagnolle and Romain Boursier – Architectes Urbanistes associés Architecturestudio
Marion Moustey – Director of Communications