[News] as,explore | Which actors’ games to define the commons?

Faced with three major ecological upheavals marked by the crises of biodiversity, resources and the climate emergency, Architecturestudio questions our capacity for resilience through the notion of the commons. How can we collectively decide what we share, our access to and use of resources, while respecting the conditions of life on earth? How can this new paradigm strengthen our ability to live together in better balance?

These are the questions that will be debated:

Franck Boutté – Founder and President of Franck Boutté Consultants – Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme 2022
Emmanuelle COSSE – President of the Union sociale pour l’habitat – Former Minister of Housing and Sustainable Habitat
José-Manuel Gonçalvès – Director of CENTQUATRE-PARIS – Artistic Director of the Grand Paris Express