[Projects] We have won the “Respire” project (lot F2) in Montpellier’s ZAC République.

This project offers around a hundred homes around a large open-ground park designed as a real place for socialising and sharing.
The project’s ultramarine design, inspired by bioclimatic projects, enables it to anticipate changes in the climate.
Our thinking focused on the daily lives of residents, social relations and the place of architecture in today’s society. The homes are designed to be adaptable, accessible via a garden courtyard, bathed in natural light and benefiting from autonomous natural ventilation.

Our social and environmental responsibility will focus on enhancing well-being in the neighbourhood, social cohesion and environmental improvement.

Imagine 100% of homes with through-ventilation!

👉 Project managers: GROUPE SPAG, BACOTEC
👉 Architects: architecturestudio, MDR Architectes
👉 Landscaper: ATELIER LJN
👉 Design offices: BETEC STRUCTURES and ARMA
👉 ZAC République: ANMA Architectes Urbanistes

🎉 Antoine Pietrera, Antonin Jossinet, Vincent David, Jean Marc VILLARD, Arnaud Rousseau, Jérôme PHILIPPE, Loic Picard, Aziza Fourati

Marc Lehmann, Gaspard Joly, Laurent-Marc Fischer, Rene Henri Arnaud, Mariano Efrón, Alain Bretagnolle, Roueïda Ayache, Marie-Caroline Piot, Romain Boursier, Widson MONTEIRO