[News] Talks & Interviews on Trace Bleu… Living in the world differently

Following the Trace Bleu exhibition at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, which took place from January 27th to March 10th, 2024, we invite you to relive the event organized in partnership with Libération.

Living differently on our planet is the necessary response to the triple crisis of climate, biodiversity, and resources, moving away from narrowly focused technological thinking. Architects, philosophers, scientists, artists, and other stakeholders call for drawing from the diversity of possible approaches and the power of imagination.

The debate, moderated by journalist Victor Dekyvère and illustrated by Serge Bloch, unfolded around three themes:

1. “Under the cobblestones, the plants”: Transforming inhabited environments
– Romain Boursier: Associate architect and urban planner at architecturestudio
– Grégory Quenet: Environmental historian
– Renaud Epstein: Sociology professor

2. “Cultural urbanism, imagining the commons”
– Pierre-Emmanuel Becherand: Head of architecture, culture, and design at Société des Grands Projets
– Michel Lussault: Geographer
– Eléa-Jeanne Schmitter: Artist
– Juliette Pinard: Urban planning PhD and Director of Studies and Development at CENTQUATRE-PARIS

3. “Working-class neighborhoods facing the climate emergency: solidarity in action”
– Féris Barkat: Founder of Banlieues Climat
– Dan Lert: Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of ecological transition
– Marion Waller: Director of Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Link to the event: Habiter le monde autrement – Tables rondes autour de Tracé Bleu (youtube.com)