[News] as,explore | What representations for thinking about our new relationships with living things and the processes of managing our habitat?

It is in the relationship that each cultural community establishes with its environment that we discover the articulation of the social and the environmental. Catherine Larrère evokes new forms of partnership with nature, a symbiotic cohabitation with the living, an eco-mimicry, to revisit technical action in favour of a more humble environmental action.

For her part, Albena Yaneva, contesting the inadequacy of the static representation of buildings in a reductive Euclidean space, calls for “representing a building as a navigation through a landscape of controversial data”, a new figuration to account for the long and complex process of intentionalities that reflects the material dimensions of architecture and translates, at bottom, different desires to inhabit the world.

Artists such as Lyes Hammadouche, who is also a researcher, question our awareness of the world and propose renewed representations of the living by showing, at the interface with environmental sciences, what is before our eyes but still invisible to our intelligence.

It is around this question that we will debate:

Albena Yaneva – sociologist
Catherine Larrère – philosopher
Lyes Hammadouche – Artist and researcher

Moderated by :

Alain Bretagnolle and Romain Boursier – Architectes Urbanistes associés Architecturestudio
Marion Moustey – Director of Communication