[News] [as,explore] What regenerative economy for our territories?

With Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, Pedro Gadanho and Ingrid Nappi, we will decipher the cognitive biases of the planning and real estate economy. It seems that our models of energy transition, value chains and sustainable cities are insufficient to maintain the planet’s equilibrium.

This will be an opportunity to imagine the hypotheses of an economy redefined around the good management of the commons, not by individual interest but by collective interest in the “good use of resources”. We will also question the knowledge to be (re)mobilised to collectively define the objectives of a “blue economy”, in terms of teaching, practices and creativity.

In concrete terms, what would be the priority actions to engage the transformation of our models towards a regenerative economy?

This is the subject of the debate:

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz – historian
Pedro Gadanho – architect, curator and writer
Ingrid NAPPI – economist

Moderated by :
Alain Bretagnolle and Romain Boursier – Associated architects Architecturestudio
Marion Moustey – Director of communication Architecturestudio