At the interface between the historical city of Créteil, a suburban area and the future district of the Grand Paris Express station, the Eiffel Office Building project is an iconic, high-performance core building that absorbs the heterogeneity of the surrounding urban fabric.

The Eiffel Office Building marks the transition between the historical city of Créteil in the 1970s,
a large suburban structure, and the future district of the Créteil-l’Échat station, a 50-meter
high flagship project. The building is a pivot project providing an effective urban response of a
district under renewal, implemented in a plot redefined for participation in creating the city. It was
conceived as a link-generating, open and cross-sectional building.

The center is a new facility intended for a variety of users, including Council employees,
associates and visitors, for whom well-being is important. The challenge was setting up a
planned surface area of 20,000 m² of on a plot confined to 4,500 m². The project also includes
a staff restaurant, gathering areas and public reception services, which require careful access
management and in-depth considerations of functional role and modularity of spaces.

The Eiffel Office Building project fits in seamlessly into the rapidly changing Echat district. It has carved out its volumes to meet tiered heights of three to seven floors, in resonance with the lowrise suburban area and the future development of the Grand Paris Express. It features a horizontal breakdown by means of a deliberately designed hollow level, giving the impression of a levitating cover floating above a large outdoor terrace. The entire building outlines an island of freshness and light where the air can flow freely through the hollowed-out patios, ingeniously catching the sunlight to provide natural lighting to all the work and leisure areas.

The project seeks to group together all the services of the Val-De-Marne Department, formerly spread out at several locations, into a new, flexible and upgradable office building that is pleasant
to be in on a daily basis. The optimal functional layout offers partitioned spaces that can evolve to become more open-spaced. Its well-thought out and link-creating layout promotes new uses
and places of encounter and interchange, such as a shared vegetable garden as an offshoot of the large terrace of the panoramic restaurant. The façade is treated as a vibrant, dynamic and inspiring double cladding, reflected in the fineness of the metal slats flowing around the entire building. This high-performance monochrome relief consists of folded sun breakers whose wavelike movement confers the building its unique identity.

  • Customer:Val-de-Marne Departmental Council
  • Team:Architecturestudio, SPIE Batignolles (lead consultant), L’Atelier de l’Ours,
    BG Ingénieurs conseil, Cap Terre, Csd & Associés, Engie, Ava, Ac2r,
    Volume En Scène
  • Program:Offices
  • Surface:16 200 m²
  • Cost:39 000 000 €
  • Status:Delivered
  • Label:RT 2012, HQE, E+C-

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