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Villa n°5- Fort Numérique

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

The residential Villa No. 5 of the Digital Fort Eco-neighbourhood of Issy-les-Moulineaux is a structuring project with curved and organic architecture blending into the overall aesthetics of the premises.

This residential housing project is set up in the Issy-les-Moulineaux Digital Fort eco- neighbourhood designed by architecturestudio. It is located in the heart of the district, in the green space known as “the orchard”, near the “children’s square” and the flagship building at the front-end of this green island.
The building comprises 57 apartments including an 80-space parking lot, intended to actively contribute to the renewal of the district while providing high-quality housing.

The building has an elliptical shape and is part of a system of similarly-shaped structures in-between the former bastion buildings, defining the neighbourhood’s identity. This layout converges the perspective lines on the landscape and supports a compact enclosure.
The building, spreading over six floors, consists of an extruded volume, called the “core”, accommodating the apartments, and an asymmetrical “virtual” structure defined by continuous balconies. The façades intrinsically provide a certain depth that contributes to the building’s perceived landscape dynamics and its organic beauty. The façade wraps around the core in a continuous and symmetrical movement, while the balcony structure is surrounded by a free- rising, organic mesh-structure reminiscent of a bird’s nest. The project is following the curved geometry typical of the architectural style of the entire complex. The hedges bordering the private gardens on the ground floor feature different varieties of bamboo planted behind a low fence and blending into the general landscaping approach. The building complex is part of an innovative, environmentally-friendly neighbourhood with high quality of life, featuring apartments widely open to the city and the surrounding landscape.

  • Customer:Kauffman & Broad
  • Team:architecturestudio, Meristeme, Viatec, Qualiconsult, Matec, CBC
  • Program:Logements
  • Year:2011
  • Surface:3 500 m²
  • Cost:6 300 000 €
  • Status:Livré en 2013

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