Built in the garden of a medical couple’s home, this medical clinic features a
subtle blend of closeness and opalescent translucence to ensure heightened privacy for the medical team and the patients alike.

The clinic accommodates the offices of an endocrinologist and three paediatricians, in the garden of Drs. Aliette and François-Xavier Sallée, in harmony with its predominantly private housing context on the banks of the Marne River.

The only constraints imposed by the clients were to ensure the privacy of the consulting rooms and the family home. Unlike the layout of the neighbouring houses, the project took up and restructured the entire available land. The effective space was divided diagonally into two sections, a built-up section and a section free of any built-up elements, to preserve the existing trees.
The internal functions are structured according to three angular beams that use distinctive materials, colours and light characteristics: the reception-waiting room area, the passages and the consulting rooms. The selective relationship with the environment, which determines the privacy of the space, is implied by the separation of the “lighting” and “viewing” functions of the façade. In the garden, behind the existing grit-stone wall, the pivoting tip of the building outlines the entrance clearing, marked by opalescent glass panels. A glass strip running along the bottom of the garden façade makes the structure seem to become detached from the ground. This approach provides glimpses of the movements inside, while maintaining the privacy of patients and doctors.

  • Customer:Aliette et François-Xavier Sallée
  • Team:architecturestudio
  • Program:Cabinet médical
  • Year:1990
  • Surface:120 m²
  • Status:Livré en 1991

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