Health & Wellness, University Hospital Center

Rehabilitation and expansion of Clermont-Ferrand Teaching Hospital

Imagining the new federating place of the University Hospital Center of Gabriel Montpied, a pivotal building that will link patients and services with enhanced functionality, which is the challenge launched by this ambitious program.

On the site of more than 900 beds, founded in 1970 and composed of a heterogeneous building complex, the present project includes the removal of asbestos and the restructuring of the existing HC wing and the creation of the GM3 building, which will group together several care units. This transformation should constitute the communication tool between doctors, nursing staff, management and authorities of the establishment. It also offers the opportunity to modernize the conditions of reception and care, to offer new qualities of accommodation for patients and to create a more functional and adapted working environment for the staff.

The construction of the extension represents an opportunity to redefine the relationship with the context and to offer a new image to the Gabriel Montpied Hospital Center. It connects the technical platform, the rehabilitated emergency rooms, the laboratories and the HC building. In order to resolve the strong constraints, both in terms of the uses specific to the hospital center and in terms of the integration of the building, and to meet the technical requirements, the extension is designed as a building that asserts its place in the site while guaranteeing coherence with the existing building.

The building is constructed as a new articulation, marking the South entrance to the hospital. It proposes both a continuity with the existing context while standing out from it, in a singularity that reinforces its role as a reception building. Sobriety characterizes the extension with its pure lines and wide open facades. The latter amplify the quality of life and uses within the building.

Inside and outside, for the extension as well as for the restructured wing, the different flows and routes are finely managed. A functional organization in the layout of the services is constantly sought. As medical techniques and spatial needs are constantly evolving, the project proposes structures that are flexible enough to be able to constantly renew themselves to meet demands and to cope with the unpredictable. An interior street, located in the heart of the extension, recreates a “neighborhood life” by mixing relaxation areas, library corner, multi-purpose room, to reinforce the feeling of well-being within the institution.

The interior spaces, both the rooms and waiting areas, are bright, comfortable and soothing. The rooms and lobby are bathed in natural light and leave a maximum of openness to the near and far environment. The simple and clever organization of the rooms maximizes the comfort of the patients.

  • Customer:CHU de Clermont-Ferrand
  • Team:Architecturestudio (lead consultant), ITC, Choulet, AVA, Eco-Cités, Adret, NS Conseil
  • Program:Restructuration and expansion
  • Year:2021
  • Surface:51 000 m²
  • Status:Ongoing
  • Label:Haute Qualité Environnementale

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