The headquarters of Wison Chemical Group  offers an eco-friendly work environment. The offices are organised around gardens and  indoor pools that bring the nature back into work spaces.

The headquarters of Wison Chemical Group is located in the center of Zhangjiang Engineering Park in Shanghai. This scientific area, set up by the Chinese government in 1992, is a high-tech activity zone that has experienced rapid growth. To boost its image and compensate for the growth of its activities, Wison Chemical Group decided to build itself a new headquarter in the heart of this vast zone with an international influence.

The project aims to give employees an ideal working environment in an ecological, dynamic, open and transparent building. It represents the vitality and culture of the company materially and spiritually, standing as a new high-quality image for the group. It houses office spaces, a laboratory, a restaurant and communal spaces. The building is divided into several gardens of different sizes that span the offices from East to West, bringing nature back into each area of the project. A large atrium demarcated by the successive curves of the office spaces welcomes visitors in a setting that is both imposing and friendly.

The building offers a high-quality environment thanks to five major achievements. The dynamic roof affirms the symbolic character of the venue in the context of the Pudong Plain. This large wave made of steel is covered with perforated plate panels that filter the light, and it houses a monumental entrance porch. The Central Bioclimatic Gallery serves all the work spaces. It is protected by a green curtain along the two façades with glass louvers which, when open, ventilate the interior naturally. The building follows the seasonal nature of the gardens, where the colours change over time. There is also water in the interior, thanks to large linear basins that span the central gallery from north to south, forming an artificial lake with multiple reflections. Finally, natural light floods the building thanks to the façades that are mostly glazed and open on the surrounding landscape. The Wison Chemical headquarter is now the symbolic building in Zhangjiang’s High-tech Park, standing as a great cargo ship moving towards the future.

  • Customer:Wison Chemical
  • Team:Architecturestudio (lead consultant), Shanghai Z.J. Biotech & Pharmaceutical, Base Development Co Ltd, Pierre Martin, BET Louis Choulet
  • Program:Office, research facility
  • Year:2002
  • Surface:20 000 m²
  • Cost:12 000 000 €
  • Status:Completion in 2003

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