A focal landmark of the new business zone of Chateaucreux, Casino Group’s headquarters highlights the curves of the city’s hills and dominates the railway station esplanade like an arborescence of glass and steel.

Overlooking the Chateaucreux train station, Casino Group Headquarter building heralds the urban renewal of this future high-tech business district, becoming its main landmark. Located on sloping ground, the building unifies the district’s cityscape by absorbing the difference in elevation between Le Pérat and Voie de Bérard streets, widely featured by the triangular route of the light rail, emphasising the shape of the plot.

The construction of the Casino Group headquarters reflects its desire to consolidate its departments and assert the company’s reflected image by offering its users an outstanding working environment. The project is designed to accommodate 1,800 office units, a 300-seat auditorium, a company cafeteria and a 950-car parking space. The building’s spatial layout is designed for optimum working conditions in terms of upgradability and versatility, ensuring the comfort and convenience of a large number of people, whether employees or visitors. Thus, the architecture projects an exclusive brand image around a strong corporate identity reflected in its employees’ commitment to the company.

In general, the Group is organised around a Management Center attached to a number of selfcontained and adaptable branches. Spatially, this organisational structure is expressed by a central shaft which, like a tree trunk, sends out feelers to office floors devoid of any technical constraints. Similarly to roots, the base of the building consolidates all the common activities as well as the public reception spaces. The central shaft cuts through the structure over its entire height, emerging from the roof as a landmark of the entire city. The office floors, extending on both sides of this central space, are separated by outdoor gardens, flooded in natural light as part of a unique landscaped environment. Predominantly glazed, the façades display a long, chequered curtain wall of aluminium panels, opaque glass and screen-printed elements. This original architectural response meets the requirements of quality, flexibility, comfort and safety of Casino Group’s new headquarters.

  • Customer:Groupe Casino, Meunier Immobilier d'Entreprise (promoteur mandataire)
  • Team:Architecturestudio (lead consultant), Cimaise Architectes, Kephren, Barbanel, Cyprium
  • Program:Offices
  • Year:2015
  • Surface:35 000 m²
  • Cost:64 000 000 €
  • Status:Completion in 2007
  • Label:SIMI Grand Prize, 2008 - New building category

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