The Pergamin Office complex, the landmark of the Green City eco-district, is the brainchild of the collaborative work of several architects in creating a new, connected and dynamic cityscape, naturally integrated within the Zurich valley scenery.

The figurehead of a new, redesigned eco-neighborhood, the building complex integrates into the natural environment of the valley and opens up to the city, offering versatile ground floors, suitable for multiple uses. The block’s main building is carved out by two vertical rifts, creating panoramic terraces that overlook the valley and the city center of Zurich. The office floors are conceived for maximum flexibility and layout freedom of the workspaces. The group of architects have agreed on the general look the structures and have developed a common charter for the facade design. The northern building, at the entrance to Green City, has a sleek and transparent double facade, standing as a monolithic structure that reflects the monumental road infrastructure it overlooks. The adjoining building absorbs the slightest vibrations of its western neighbor. The facade grille is made of anodized aluminum and integrates bronze-colored elements, creating an effect of interweaving light. The joinery consists of full-height glass frames, lifting the silhouette of the buildings skyward, within a robust and rigorous structure. The project is a contemporary example of a business center integrated into the natural environment, and displaying a simple and coherent architectural identity.

  • Customer:Losinger Marazzi AG,CSL immobilier (AMO)
  • Team:Architecturestudio (lead consultant), Balzer Ingenieure Ag, Berchtold - Htl/Hlk Ingenieurbuero, Gartenmann Engineering Ag, Gruner Ag, Ibg B. Graf Ag Engineering, Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten Ag, Wismer + Partner Ag, Emmer Pfenninger Partner Ag, Ernst Basler + Partner Ag, HZD Architektur für die arbeitswelt
  • Program:Office
  • Year:2021
  • Surface:34 000 m²
  • Cost:48 000 000 €
  • Status:Completion in 2019
  • Label:Leed Platinium Standard

project news

17/11/2021 [Projects] Bureaux Pergamin I à Zurich, Suisse

Le projet se développe en tête de proue de l’éco quartier Greencity, lauréat du grand prix Green Solutions Awards 2021, catégorie Quartier Durable. L'ensemble de bureaux Pergamin prend place au cœur d’un nouveau fragment de ville connecté, dynamique, et naturellement intégré au paysage de la vallée de la Sihl.

13/10/2020 [Matinée d’as] Quels bureaux construire demain ?

Vendredi 16 octobre, à l'occasion des "Les architectes fêtent les Journées Nationales de l'Architecture", Architecturestudio organise une conférence sur le thème "Quels bureaux construire demain ? Évolutions et mutations : Interroger les espaces de travail", animée par Frédérique Miriel (Colliers International France), Elisabeth Laville (UTOPIES), Mariano Efrón et Marie-Caroline Piot (Architecturestudio). La conférence sera diffusée en direct sur nos pages Facebook et Youtube !

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