Facing the historic port of Marseille, the future International School Complex is part of an urban area in complete revival. The project is wrapped in a protective casket whose thousands white horizontal slats represent its cosmopolitan and unifying identity.

Behind the emblematic CGA-CGM tower, the International School Complex is part of the ZAC Cité de la Méditerranée, which aims to develop the coastline of Euroméditerranée and the Arenc district. Many suitable places and spaces have been developed, facilitating exchanges and meetings: playgrounds, gardens, open galleries, relaxation areas …
Located on two separate parcels, the project blends into the neighborhood through rue Peyssonnel, the heart of the site, which marks the entrance to the School complex and represents the symbol of its connection to the city.

Being part of the urban planning of the Parc Habité, the International Complex cultivates the dialogue with the city and the district through its connections to the street, the sizes and the withdrawals that bring sunshine and the multiplication of views.
The spaces dedicated to teaching are pleasant to live in and modular, favoring the crossing of knowledge and people investment. The volumes are designed to provide optimal sunshine even
in the center of the block, by working on the balance between empty and full spaces, open and closed. Similar to an actual park, the project has a large surface area in terms of outdoor spaces: courtyards, forecourt, terraces of vertical galleries, accessible roof. The division of volumes, on top of each other, frees up a lot of constructable area and creates privileged connections between the different functions (elementary school, middle and high school, cultural and sports centers) completely independent. Real urban landmark, the facades’ skin made up of horizontal slats opens up to reveal the interiors to passers-by and offers new horizons to users. The interior spaces are comfortable, flexible and have suitable lighting, respectful of circadian cycles.

From the North, the first building brings together the catering center on the ground floor and R+1, the sports center in superstructure and the boarding school in wooden structure, while in the South we find the elementary school, the housing function and maintenance. The second building gathers the middle school and high school, the health center and the cafeteria as well as a co-working space in R+2. The parking lot is deployed in the basement. At the center, rue Peyssonnel is at the same time the main street, the square entrance and the middle school yard. Symbolizing the backbone of the project, it is part of the continuity of the neighborhood and serves most of the buildings.

The project favors a strong energy and environmental performance approach, it ensures thermal comfort and access to light in all seasons, as well as control of consumption and carbon impact. The International School Complex in Marseille represents a real place of life with its multiprogramming of services favoring the potential for creation and the diversification of uses and encounters.

  • Customer:AREA – Région Sud – Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur
  • Team:Eiffage Construction (mandataire), architecturestudio, Tangram architectes, WSP, EODD, AVA, ARWYTEC, SECMO, APOGE, ENGIE Solutions
  • Program:School complex, elementary school, high school, outdoor areas
  • Year:2020
  • Surface:28 650 m²
  • Status:Competition 2021
  • Label:HQVIE, Smartseille, Urbainable

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